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Waypoint Guide

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Adding waypoints to mapRoute
Waypoints can be added in three ways:

1. Position the map so the required point is at the centre of the crosshairs. Press the W key (or click "Find / Waypoint" button). A search form is displayed showing the coordinates at the crosshair in the bottom entry. The format of the coordinates is dependant on the "Position Format" you have selected in Settings, but makes no difference to this process. Click the button to the right (labelled according to your selected position format). Enter a name for you waypoint (if none is entered the current date and time will be used) and an optional description. Click on the icon if you wish to change it, then select the desired icon. Finally press Save. The message "Waypoint Saved" should be displayed.

2. If you want to create a waypoint at a specific set of coordinates the process is the same as above except you must change the coordinates displayed to those you require.

3. Import from gpx file. Menu->Manage->Import (or shortcut key 7). Drag your gpx file containing waypoints into the indicated area. Waypoints are indicated with a Type of Wpt. Select the waypoints you wish to import and click "Import Selected Objects".

Editing waypoints on the mapImage
Click on the map icon to reveal the waypoint editing form. Name, description, coordinates and icon can be updated. Coordinates will be shown in the format selected in Settings. There is also an option on this form to delete the waypoint.

Managing waypoints
Menu->Manage->Waypoints (or shortcut key 4) to display your waypoints.
From left to right:
Click the rubbish bin Image to delete a waypoint. Alternatively you can right-click the waypoint icon on the map. Either way you will be asked for confirmation before the delete is processed.
Click view icon Image to view the waypoint location in the crosshairs on the map. Note: If you have selected not to display waypoints the waypoint icon will not be shown on the map.
Click the waypoint icon to change it. You will be shown the icon set(s) that you have chosen in Settings.
The waypoint name can be changed by clicking on the name. It will then become editable. Click elsewhere on the screen to save the name change. Avoid using double quotes.
I've covered folders separately below.
You can't change the date created.
The description is edited in the same way as the name. If the description is too long to be displayed just hover the mouse over it to see the whole thing.

Folders are used for organizing your waypoints in the same way that they organize files on a PC. You can indicate whether the waypoints in each folder should be shown or hidden on the map.
You must first add a folder by clicking the Image button at the top-left of the screen.
A folder called "New Folder" will be added at the current folder level and will be displayed above any waypoints. You should rename the folder in the usual manner. Note: Duplicate names are allowed, but it is something you should avoid.
To move a waypoint to a folder click Image in the Move column. You can move a waypoint to any folder which is located within this folder, or to the parent folder if applicable. Note: If you have renamed a folder the drop down list will still show "New Folder" rather than the new name. This is not a problem, but to refresh the name you could click the Waypoint tab once.
Click the folder icon Image to view the contents of the folder and the Image to go back to the parent folder. You can create a folder hierarchy (folders within a folders), though you can only move waypoints up or down one level at a time.
Once viewing any folder apart from the root folder you will see the folder name at the top of the list. A rubbish bin next to it will delete all of the waypoints within this folder. If the folder has any subfolders they will not be touched. If there are no subfolders the current folder will also be deleted and your view will revert to the parent folder. Again, you will be asked for confirmation.
If you wish to hide all waypoints in a folder simply un-tick the tick box in the View column. As before, this will not affect any subfolders.

Moving a waypoint's location
Simply drag the icon on the map screen. The coordinates for the new position will be shown and you will be asked to confirm the move. If you cancel, the waypoint will move back to it's previous position.

I have tried to cover the topic comprehensively, but please let me know what you think (too detailed? not detailed enough? unclear? too technical? etc) as I plan to do several more similar guides.

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