Distance Measuring Guide

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Distance Measuring Guide

Postby admin » Sun Feb 26, 2017 2:38 pm

To measure distance and bearing by coordinates or sight
Ensure crosshair is visible (press X key to display crosshair).
Move the map so the required location is sighted.
Enter Find mode by pressing the F key.
Amend the coordiates if required.
Press the coordinates button (bottom right).
Press the Measure button to enter Measure Mode.
Move the cursor to the second location and measurements will be displayed in a floating infobox.
Optionally you can left click on the map the map will centre on the point clicked. This makes adding a waypoint at this location very simple.
Press the Esc key to leave Measure mode.
Note: This tool has been added as a result of Bing Maps V8 reducing previous functionality.

Measuring distance and bearing between waypoints, Geocaches, hills, trigpoints and routes.
Find the point on the relevant tab and click the view button to centre the map on this point.
Find the second point in the relevant tab and look at the Dist and Dir values. Moving the cursor over the Dir arrow will reveal the bearing in degrees.
Note: Dist and Dir are not shown on the Route tab, but may be available in the Nearby tab.

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