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Updates Archive 2 (Feb 2016 - Jul 2016)

Posted: Fri Sep 16, 2016 9:16 am
by admin
Please be sure to log off / on and reload the map page (Shift-F5) when there has been an upgrade to avoid application issues.

01/07/2016 minor
Added weather forecast powered by OpenWeatherMap. Press W key to load weather for map centre. Subsequently opening weather will show the same data. To reload data you must click on the refresh Imageicon on the weather div.
Lots of work on providing exports for .TCX and .FIT files, though not yet completed.
Hide pushpin when moving cursor off the elevation graph.

06/05/2016 minor
Added Drag-and-drop of photos onto your own Geocache logs. One file at a time.
Added trackable logging from a Geocache listing as well as infoboxes via Image and Image.
Removed list of trackables from cache listing. This can be found by clicking the Image icon.
Trackables now show their Description and Goal. These details can be expanded Image or collapsed Image.
Tidied up options for displaying friends Geocaching logs.
A couple of minor bug fixes including ignoring command keystrokes when updating trackable logs.

15/04/2016 minor
Applied rollover to all icons (i.e. they change when the cursor moves over them).
Re-worked favourites. Icon indicates when you can't update the favourites. Note: I found a bug here in the API which tries to stop you updating favourites on all but traditional caches, but worked around this.
Created red icons for all commonly used cache types when coordinates are corrected.
Tidied up export and drag to map of gpx file geocaches which have been exported from mapRoute.
Geocache GO search button (tab 9) is now red if a filter has been applied to the Geocache search.
Added a button to clear all filters if a filter has been applied. It is not visible if there are no filters.

01/04/2016 minor
Handle waypoints and waypoint folders more quickly and efficiently.
When a folder is unchecked (privileged users only) waypoints in all subfolders are not displayed.
A number of fixes applied.

25/03/2016 minor
Added Imageand Image icons to indicate puzzle and multicache Geocaches with corrected coordinates.
AlpineQuest also handles the new icon providing you copy the icons from here to alpinequest\icons on your Android device. You need to extract the icons from the compressed file first of course.
Added ability to delete corrected coordinates, though the Geocaching Live API has a bug related to this, so it doesn't work. If Groundspeak don't fix this soon I will look into a work around.
Re-introduced Clear Geocaches option on menu as a shortcut to deleting all Geocaches on the Geocaching tab. The main reason for this is that you log on to mapRoute without connecting to the Geocaching Live API, so no Geocaching tab is available, then if you drag a Pocket Query to map there is no way to remove the Geocaches without refreshing the page or logging off/on.
Fixed a couple of minor bugs related to the corrected coordinates.

22/03/2016 intermediate
Added ability to drag and drop Geocache Pocket Query GPX files onto the map. This includes the PQ containing all of your finds. Note: Be sure to extract the GPX file from the ZIP file first.
There are some minor differences when dealing with Geocaches imported from PQs.
  • Favourite points are not returned.
  • User Guid is not returned, so Messenger link doesn't work, You should click on the username and then Send Message.
  • All Finds PQ contains only your log. Last visit date shows the date of your visit.
  • Regular PQs contain the most recent five logs. Avatar, total found and total hidden caches are not included in PQs. A custom avatar is shown for these users. Your logs will always show their correct avatar and totals.
  • Corrected Coordinates and User Notes are not included in PQs.
  • Trackable icons, owner, goals etc not included in PQs, so custom icon added.
I found that quite a few cache names begin with one or more spaces, which messes up the sort order, so I now trim spaces from appropriate fields.
Removed some unnecessary Geocache data elements from PQ loaded Geocaches to free up some memory.
Added More logs button to listing specifically for own find PQ where there is not enough data to activate scrolling.
Added Image PQ loaded Geocache indicator on Geocache tab.

Loading very large numbers of caches on a lower specification PC may cause performance issues.

20/03/2016 intermediate
Click Image to add a user note to a Geocache. Click outside the text area to save your private user note or press Esc to cancel the note.
Click Image to add corrected coordinates. The relevant Geocache icon is shown immediately at the new map location. Unlike on mapRoute can correct coordinates for any cache type.
Added Image messenger CO link in Geocache listing.
Added Geocache container size description text when cursor is placed over the container icon on the listing.
Listing formatting tweaks.
De-cluttered user logs by removing the Markdown/BB code switch on each log. Now just click a log to toggle decoding. You should never need to do this of course, as automatic decoding is intelligent.

02/03/2016 minor
Tidied up Settings tab.
Save your Settings button moved to the top of the tab.
All sections are collapsible, so you can better see what you are interested in. Collapsed selections are retained between sessions.
Columns are aligned better for a more professional appearance.
Trackables have been moved out of Geocaching Live into their own section.
Hills and Trigpoints now also have their own sections.
Allow .GST routes to be dragged to map for import. These are files created by GeoSetter (photo geotagging tool).
A few other minor formatting changes.

27/02/2016 intermediate
Added more Geocaching search filters to the Geocaching tab. Move cursor over visible filters to reveal Geocache type icons, container type icons and difficulty and terrain ranges. Toggle the icons by clicking on them. They will dim when not included in the search. Min and max D/T values can be changed by clicking on them. These filters are retained for the rest of your session (until you log off).
Copy information automatically to clipboard on click. This is implemented for cache code (on listing), shared route links (markdown link also added) and coordinates on waypoint infobox.
Sized images embedded into listings so they are displayed appropriately. e.g. GCXCK8.
Fixed Geocache alternate icon set issue.
Fixed bug when saving waypoint and removed erroneous infohelp icon.
Fixed issue when importing a waypoint via drag and drop which includes CR/LF.
Handle drag and drop waypoint where no icon exists in mapRoute to match gpx file icon.

15/02/2016 minor
Each Geocache log is now automatically displayed correctly regardless of whether it contains Markdown, UBB code or is just plain text. A test is made for UBB code. Everything else is treated as Markdown. Plain text should display OK decoded as Markdown or UBB.
Note: It has just come to my attention that HTML was allowed in logs prior to 2/2/2016. I don't handle this and as it is so rarely used I have no plans to handle it.

08/02/2016 intermediate
I'm having to figure out Groundspeak's undocumented changes to markdown and then code around them.
Now markdown shows a line break after a newline is entered (standard markdown doesn't) and only shows italics and quotes if punctuation or white space appears immediately before and after. Groundspeak punctuation is .,?!;:. This is apparently so {*FTF*} doesn't appear as {FTF} etc.
Also changed quote styling to mimic Groundspeak's styling.
And now the non-markdown stuff...
Finally sorted a geocache log sort order issue, so all logs appear in the correct order.
Move mouse over cache visit date on any log to see the date/time the log was posted.
Cache code on listing is now clickable so it can easily be copied into the clipboard.
Highlight when mouse over cache name or owner name hyperlinks in infobox.

03/02/2016 major
Implemented Markdown decoding on Geocache logs (cache and trackable) in line with this announcement from Groundspeak. A WYSIWYG editor and a preview pane have been included to make formatting logs simple. Listings show logs posted before the switchover date (2/2/2016) with html/bbcode rendering and logs posted after that date are rendered with markdown only by default. Individual logs can be switched between rendering modes by a markdown switch on each log. The Groundspeak website renders markdown only on all logs despite millions of logs retaining bbcode.
Various checkboxes and radio buttons have been changed to a simple graphical switch.
Trackable auto-drop off has been removed to a) accommodate a switch and b) it was pretty pointless. Auto-visit remains available.
Allow saving of trackable templates when dropping and picking up trackables.
Streamlined manage tab processing and styled route and waypoint folders for privileged users. Implemented route folder moving.
Various fixes and improvements applied.

You can see earlier updates here.